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About Us

UNWIND Chiropractic & Wellness was opened in 2020 by Dr. Christina Cochran. A Texas native who spent the last several years in Virginia Beach, the Emerald Coast had long captured her heart. When it was time for her husband to retire from the military, they found the perfect place to settle down and open Dr. Cochran’s chiropractic care center: the Milton community.

My Mission

I want to offer a place where people can get the comfort and help that they need, especially pregnant women.” Dr. Cochran

A Safe Place for Families

With Dr. Cochran and Dr. Jarboe, you’ll get the advice, care and guidance you require while your privacy is ensured and protected. All ages are welcome here. Dr. Cochran has a particular focus on prenatal and postpartum care, with much of her continuing education focusing on these areas, as well as nutrition. Learning is a passion for her, and she enjoys putting her knowledge to use to benefit patients!

Simple, Straightforward, Tailored Care

When it comes to your health care, we think that things should be kept simple. You’ll be given the doctor’s best recommendations to get to where you want to be. There is no sales pitch here or years-long plans you’re required to adhere to. Your health journey is yours alone. All we want to know is how we can help you on that journey.

Get Treated Like Family

You know the Golden Rule: treat people like you want to be treated. Our doctors live by this principle, making sure you’re welcomed and cared for like family. We have a deep sense of compassion and care for everyone who steps through the door. You can feel confident that you’ll receive five-star service and quality care with integrity.

An Emphasis on Pregnancy Care

Too often, expecting moms think being in serious pain is just part and parcel of pregnancy. When you reach 25-30 weeks, your pelvis begins to widen, which can result in even more discomfort. Sciatic pain, round ligament pain, pubic bone pain and SI joint pain are just a few of the most common concerns. You do not have to cope as best you can and accept this pain as inevitable.

The earlier you begin getting care, the better chance you will have at a comfortable pregnancy. Plus, studies show that women under chiropractic during pregnancy have an easier labor!

Plan for a Brighter Future

As the years go by, you may notice you’re not quite as able to move around as you used to. Often, people think these changes are simply what happens when you get older. It is never too late to start chiropractic care. You should, however, begin to consider taking a proactive stance on your health as early as possible. Dr. Cochran and Dr. Jarboe will give you the care to make sure your body is in alignment while providing valuable advice on creating the healthy lifestyle you want.

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