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Pediatric Chiropractic Care in Milton

It’s true about the old saying, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” It’s particularly powerful when you think about the health of your children. If you had the power to make sure they don’t end up with common ailments that plague most adults, wouldn’t you want to make that choice?

With chiropractic, you can bring in your baby from shortly after they’re born. As they reach each of life’s milestones, Dr. Cochran can check their alignment and make sure that they’re thriving at these periodic wellness appointments.

Helping With Common Childhood Ailments

There are many patients who bring their baby or child in because of a particular symptom. Colic, missing developmental milestones, postural problems and slips and falls are just a few of the common issues children come in for.

One such case involved a baby who wasn’t crawling at 11 months. Dr. Cochran evaluated him and discovered his spinal curvature hadn’t developed as it should, and there were misalignments in the baby’s pelvis. Within just a few weeks of care, the baby began crawling and pulling himself up to a standing position.

Guide Your Child’s Health in the Right Direction

As your child gets older, they’re constantly active. Jumps, falls and spills happen all the time. Though they may not complain of pain like an adult does, that doesn’t mean their body hasn’t been affected by trauma. Chiropractic checkups will ensure their alignment and nervous system are in good working order.

A Comfortable Experience

Dr. Cochran will work around your child’s needs to get them adjusted. She can hold them or have them lie on Mom or Dad. The gentle adjustment performed on a child requires only the softest touch, utilizing the Activator® instrument. As a mother of three boys, Dr. Cochran is skilled in adjusting a moving target, so it can even be done while your child plays.

If you’re bringing a baby in, please make sure they are fed and changed, which means they’ll be less likely to cry while they’re here. Bring a favorite pacifier, stuffed animal or blanket if that may help your child. If Dr. Cochran identifies anything she is unable to help, she will inform you so that you can go to the appropriate specialist.

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